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Our Story

Modern and Technologically Advanced

Our facility is the newest, most modern and unarguably best designed sausage facility in the United States. The plant is designed for optimum efficiency and to meet the ever continuous, changing, and challenging food safety protocols for the coming generation.

Private Label Only

Kansas City Sausage Company is a private label sausage company, period. Our sole responsibility and focus is to provide our customers with the best tasting, highest quality products that allows you to market your products and brands with the utmost confidence regarding food safety, cost effectiveness, market-price stability and marketplace performance.


We are committed to partnering with our retailer and marketing partners to keep only the freshest product in front of your customers. Our sister company supplies all the raw materials and has the same commitment to food safety and quality. In fact, we recommend that our customers not build inventory for short term price advantage at the expense of product quality and performance. We have the means and infrastructure in place to help our customers achieve an optimally priced and flexible “just-in-time” inventory protocol to ensure that we are providing the freshest, best tasting and performing product in the case for the consumer.

Service and Speed

Our team is committed to making the process of private label manufacturing easy for you and your company. As this is our sole focus we can move very quickly from plant qualification through product and label development to real world production and shipping. For those looking to start up line-extensions or new brands, we have the products and know-how, as well as stock label dies and professional artwork available to help expedite what is traditionally a lengthy and time consuming process.

The Long Haul

Although we are led and owned by some of the most tenured and respected pork industry experts and professionals in the U.S., our company and our team are comprised also of relatively young but seasoned individuals who have been carefully chosen for their inherent service-oriented nature. We choose to employ only people who are driven to improve the lives of our customers and our peers every day. We take pride in treating our customers like part of the Kansas City Sausage family.

Guest Ready, Everywhere, Every Day

We invite you or your customers to visit our facility at any time to meet the people who are dedicated to protecting and building your business and brand equity and to tour our facility at your convenience. Our facility is located 10 minutes away from the Kansas City International Airport.

Kansas City Sausage Company | 8001 NW 106th Street, Kansas City, MO 64153 | 816.891.9600
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